How much botox is too much botox?



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    Heck, in my opinion, any botox is too much botox. Botox is a neurotoxin, for crying out loud. It’s an extremely toxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, first notable for appearing in poorly-handled meat products. It freezes muscular movement in the face, which may make you not wrinkle as much, but getting a botox injection means you’re paying someone to paralyze your facial muscles. To me, it’s just not a smart idea, from all perspectives.

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    Depending on the symptoms for which a patient is prescribed Botox, the dosage varies.  Usually multiple injections are given, but per injection, the range is about 0.05-0.15 mL.  More than that can lead to overdose, the symptoms of which may not appear immediately, but include moderate to severe muscle paralysis and weakness.  There is a botox antitoxin, which is most effective if taken shortly after an overdose. 

    If it is improperly administered, such as by a fake doctor or a fake botox, any amount can lead to complications, including death.

    And, as jvanderlee said, it is manufactured from a toxin.

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