How much biogas can an efficient digester produce from excreta of two adults plus kitchen waste of the two people?

We plan to install a 20kiloWatt Bloom energy SOFC fuel cell generator supplementing solar voltaic energy accumulation in Australian built Ultra batteries.We need to know how much additional fuel is required to supplement the biogas supply.



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    From what I know about 6 to 8 pigs will produce enough biogas for three stove burners at about 30 minutes per burner: about enough to cook three meals a day.  Now, from the research, usually bio-digesters are rarely used with human excreta, so it was hard to find complete evidence of this, but I spoke with a gentleman who actually works with the installation of digesters.  

    His rough guess was that the excretion of two people, and the kitchen compost (which do not yield as much energy for combustion as complete human waste)  would produce about 1/4 of that of the 6 to 8 pigs.  About enough energy to run one burner for an approximate 30 minutes a day.

    The sites cited go over average human waste deposits per day and the range of how much bio-digesters can convert.

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