How much bigger is the Sahara Desert going to get every year?



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    First of all, you can associate yourself with the wise by not referring to it as the “Sahara Desert”. Sahara means “desert” in Arabic. So calling it the “Sahara Desert” means the “Desert Desert”.

    Wikipedia claims (but you never quite know who is trying to push a political or economic agenda, in good ole Wikipedia) that quote “Recent signals indicate that the Sahara and surrounding regions are greening because of increased rainfall.”

    But in the same Climate section it notes that the drought in Sahel caused the southern boundary to increase by 81 miles between 1980 and 1990.

    Oh, baby. Sounds like one big ecological nightmare, to me.

    We as a world, might not care too much about a region that’s largely uninhabited … except … it’s been recently discovered that the sand from storms in the Sahara carry huge amounts of material over the ocean, and deposit them in the South American rainforests. And it’s believed that is a major source of the forests’ nutrients.

    So … it’s a big, big issue, and it’s not even certain increased desert size is bad. Woozer, what a tangled problem!

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