How much bigger than great whites are whale sharks?



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    Whale sharks on average get to be about 32 feet long, and weigh close to 9 tonnes.  The biggest known is close to 42 feet long and weighs over 21 tonnes (47,000 lbs).  This dwarfs the great white which is only known to get as big as 20 feet long and weigh about 5,000 pounds.  

    According to these measurements, the whale shark can get to be more than twice as long and weigh about 10 times as much.  Despite it’s size, the whale shark is known to be one of the friendlier species in the ocean, and typically poses no threat to divers or swimmers.

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    The Great White Shark on average are 15 feet to 20 feet long and typically weigh 5,000 lbs. The Whale Shark are on average 18 to 33 feet long and generally weigh 20.6 tons.
    The Great White Shark are threatened are as they being more understood, they have proven to be rightfully feared. About one-third to half of the shark attacks are done by Great White Shark.
    The Whale Shark is endangered and their favorite preys are plankton. They are considered to be a filter feeder and are the world’s second largest fish. They catch their prey by opening their mouth and eating whatever comes along in their paths.

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