How much better are paper products than plastic products for the environment?



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    This is an interesting question, especially when looking at it from a paper versus plastic grocery bag standpoint. My research told me that it’s a tie between the two, since paper bags actually take up more space at landfills and produce more pollution when being made. Plastic bags are lighter and take up less space and don’t produce as much pollution. However, the paper bags are the ones that are biodegradable. You can learn more about this from the link at the bottom. 

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    As environmichael mentioned, both paper bags and plastic bags have pros and cons. However, paper bags appear to be just as costly to the environment as plastic, which can really make your decision at the grocery store difficult.

    • The production of paper bags emits 70% more air pollution than does the production of plastic bags.
    • Paper bag production creates 50 times more water pollutants than plastic bag production and requires three times the amount of water.
    • Recycling paper can often require more fuel than recycling plastic.
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