How much on average does having a child increase your carbon footprint?



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    Unfortunately, the best way to increase your carbon footprint is to have a child. This is according to a new study done by scientists at Oregon State University. 

    Even if a woman drives a fuel efficient car, switches out all her light bulbs, windows and appliances for energy efficient ones, having a baby will still increases her carbon footprint 40 times what she saved doing taking those green actions.

    This is not to say that women shouldn’t have children, but simply that they should think about the impact on the environment it will have for them to have children.

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    Yes, it is most unfortunate but having children wrecks havoc on the environment.

    Oregon State University’s study concluded that the greenhouse gas effect of a child is 20 times more significant than all energy and American adult can save by driving a fuel efficient car, recycling, and using energy efficient electronics. Each child adds over 9,000 metric tons of CO2, which is about 5.7 times a person’s lifetime emmisions.

    Now, this study focused on children from the U.S. We live in a very energy hungry capalist society. Bangladeshi children, on avergae, are 160 times less of a carbon footprint. This is due to their society and economics. Similarly, the Chinese children are 5 times less of a impact on the envrionment.

    The point and alternative. ADOPT. please please please consider adoption. There are so many children who do not have the life they deserve and could really use parents that would care about them and give them opportunity and hope.

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