How much air can leak from under the front door?



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    A huge amount, depending on how well the door fits the frame, and whether the door has a weatherstrip on the bottom. Air can come in on all four edges. These days buildings are often built with pre-fab doors that come already hung in a frame, so the fit tends to be very good, but formerly, “hanging a door” could be tricky, and quite a few weren’t done quite right, increasing the opportunity for leakage.

    My front door had a weatherstrip installed that dragged across the carpet, so I just removed it. It keeps almost enough air to breath coming in, even when I’ve got the other double-paned windows tightly shut in the winter. It’s also helpful because it’s not far from the kitchen fan, so I can get good ventilation.

    If you want to reduce the airflow, installing a weather strip is pretty simple and cheap. See the eHow link, below.

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