How is money bad for the environment?



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    This is a great question reece, and it is not an easy one.  We don’t generally associate money with being bad for the environment.  Some may consider it bad for mankind to begin with, as it makes us do some pretty horrible things to one another.  But that is where I realized that money does have an effect on the environment, and as you already suspected in your question, a very bad effect.  I think money is bad for the environment in the sense that businesses and even a lot of people are always going to worry about their pocketbook before they worry about the environment.  Carbon trading is a great example of this.  It is set up to lower carbon emissions, yes, but the very way it does this is by creating an economic incentive for those that are willing to play ball.  Coal power plants are still widely used today, not because they are good for the environment, but because they are cheap.  Even government organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency have been accused of corruption involving money scams, harming the environment they are supposed to be protecting.

    Money can be good though, because for those that do care about the environment, there are plenty of things your money can buy that will help out.  Large amounts of money is invested every day into researching, creating, and installing greener technologies all over the world.


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    Money uses a ****-ton of resources that are often increasing global warming. For instance, paper money must come from trees, which when cut down release carbon dioxide (not to mention the void that is left of photosynthesis). Nevertheless, making paper money and coins is energy extensive, also very bad for the environment. Finally, people often only care about money and therefore what is instrumental to them, not the intrinsic value of the environment. 

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