How might kangaroos help cure skin cancer?



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    Very recently, reasearches have found that kangaroos have a special enzyme that repairs their skin from sun damage. Kangaroos spend a lot of time in the sun–Australia is one of the sunniest places on Earth. It’s also one of the highest at risk countries when it comes to skin cancer. Each year, 1700 Australians die of skin cancer.

    The good news is that kangaroos can help. One researcher said, “Kangaroos are not immune from skin cancer but their special repair enzyme, which is also present in some bacteria and fish, gives their skin an additional protection that humans lack.” Scientists at Melbourne University are attempting to make the enzyme, photolyase, into a “dream cream.” The research is still in its earliest stages, and it will be a while before they anticipate actually developing this idea into an actual product.

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