How is Microsoft involved in the Nissan Leaf automobile?



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    Microsoft is involved in making the touchscreen information display system for the Nissan Leaf. This system is powered by a program called Windows Embedded Automotive 7, and it will allow people to locate the nearest charging stations, utilize a navigational system, monitor the car’s temperature, and check the car’s power consumption. It also supports Microsoft Tellme, a speech-recognition program which can control the system and allows people to respond to text messages by voice. Microsoft believes making car information displays is useful because their system allows for a greater variety of apps to be displayed and created than the traditional graphics programs used to make car information displays.  

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    Microsoft is making a push to be involved with on-board car computers. They are developing systems for Nissan, Ford, Kia and Fiat to let people use the touch screen in their cars to do more things. With the Nissan Leaf, Microsoft provides information about battery status and charging. Basically Microsoft’s involvement is nothing revolutionary, they are just the choose software developer for the Leaf.

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