How is methane gas used for power generation?



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    Methane capturing technology involves sealing organic waste in tanks where the methane is generated anaerobically. “This can be upgraded to about 97% methane, the same concentration as in natural gas,” (New York Times). In a 15-year period, one methane power plant is estimated to prevent 19,000 tons of methane emissions and produce 60,000 MWh.

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    Methane is burned and the heat is converted into pressure, which is in turn converted into mechanical energy that drives a generator. Magnets in the generator force electrons through a wire, thus converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Like any combustion-based power generation system, the energy in methane is harnessed when breaking bonds between the carbon and hydrogen bonds releases heat. If you compare these two diagrams of a methane power generation system and a coal generation system, you will see that they are very similar.

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