How mcuh iron should I be consuming on a daily basis?



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    Iron intake recommendations vary by age and sex. Toddlers only need 7mg of iron daily, and children should get about 10mg a day. Teenage girls need about 15 mg of iron, while teenage boys only need 11.

    Men of all ages are only recommended 8mg of iron each day.

    With women, it gets pretty specific. Women under 50 should get 18mg of iron daily to make up for what is lost during menstruation. Older women only need 8mg a day.

    Women who are pregnant or lactating need about 28mg of iron daily.

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    All of the above is true, there’s just one addition: 


    Males from age 14-18 need a few extra mgs, recommended at 11 mg.

    -National Academy of Sciences: Adequate Intake (AI) levels for iron.

    Last updated in 2000

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