How many years do you have to go to school to become a zoologist?



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    Zoology careers require at least a bachelor’s degree in the life sciences, wildlife conservation, or related field. Hands-on experience through field research or an internship is also required. Most zoology colleges and universities offer programs that allow students an opportunity to complete a zoology degree in 4-5 years, and students may choose to specialize in a particular field after completing the basic core science curriculum. “Graduate degrees allow students to conduct their own research, and these often lead to teaching or other zoology education opportunities. Biology is the most important class for all zoology students and requires in-depth study and understanding, along with extensive research abilities and skills.”

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    This is generally a field requiring graduate level study. In undergrad, you complete a general science degree like zoology, animal ecology, pre-vet, biology, etc, and then you apply to grad schools to specialize in a field of taxonomy (like fisheries, or ocean life, or insects or whatever). This website confirms what I had already heard from peers about good animal sciences undergrad programs at colleges like: Iowa State, U Wisc-Madison, U Washington, etc.

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    I found the steps one needs to take in order to become a zoologist. I also found a map that lists every school in the U.S. offers Zoology as well.


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