How many years do we need to use solar power for it to pay for itself?



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    Good question, cooley.  There are several variables to this equation, but I will give you a starting point.  According to a faq at, a “robust,” or decent sized solar system instillation will cost you about 20,000 dollars.  Also, according to the US Energy Information Administration, the average electric bill (in 2007) was just under 100 dollars a month, which makes 1,200 dollars a year.  With these numbers, we get about 16.5 years for the solar system to pay for itself.  Keep in mind, however, this is not factoring in for possible government incentives to offset, in some cases, a major portion of the cost of instillation, as well as the fact that your energy consumption needs may not require such a “robust” system as we used in our example.  

    Anyway, hope this helps!

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