how many years do jellyfish stay allive?

want to because i ike jellyfish so much that i want to know.



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    The hydrozoan jellyfish doesn’t have a natural limit to its lifespan, actually – it can revert to its polyp (youth) stage indefinitely.  So, once it grows up, it reverts to its former state and then repeats it all over again.  It’s the only known animal that can do this!

    Generally, though, jellyfish have a very short lifespan – they typically live from two to six months.

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    Like most animals it depends on the species of jellyfish.  As Ashleigh said, the hydrozoan jellyfish can technically continue living forever, by reverting to polyp state and then recreating itself.  Other jellyfish, such as the box jellyfish, which has some of the most painful and deadly venom in the world, typically live for less than one year. 

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