How many work related accidents has there been in nuclear power?



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    By “work-related,” I assume you mean civilian nuclear accidents, as opposed to incidents involving nuclear weapons or military vessels powered by nuclear propulsion. There have been at least 23 reported accidents in the history of civilian nuclear power. The first one on record appears to be the Chalk River, Ontario plant, which suffered a reactor shutoff rod failure on December 12, 1952. There were no injuries or fatalities from that accident. The most recent serious accident occurred at the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin, Tennessee on March 6, 2006 when a highly enriched uranium solution leaked during transfer, causing a 7-month shutdown of the plant. These two examples may sound pretty inocuous, but in the list of nuclear accidents of this nature there are also some very scary ones, such as the Three Mile Island accident of March 1979 in Pennsylvania, where a near-meltdown occurred, and the worst nuclear accident ever, the horrific Chernobyl explosion of April 26, 1986 which resulted in 50 immediate deaths and an unknown number of long-range fatalities from cancer and other radiation-related illnesses.

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