how many wooden spoons does one tree make



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    Generally, trees grow fruits and nuts, and that kind of stuff. Not spoons.

    … ok, ok, ok. Just having a little fun …

    The first question is whether it’s a spoon made by a person, or mechanically. The first citation below is a lovely guy who makes spoons on a small scale. He uses cherry, walnut, birch, hickory, maple, and sometimes alder. Notice that he starts out by saying that they “don’t use duplicating machines”.

    Now this guy is going for “art”, which means he’s going to be throwing out lots of wood as unsuitable just because it isn’t pretty. Is that important? You betcha. Consider that through 10,000s of years of human history, people were making very much the same decisions. And some of them prolly didn’t care if they cut down a whole tree, just to make one spoon! The second site explains selection critieria.

    Mechanically? They’re not going to waste too much wood. Probably they take a plank, make blanks (as shown in, and throw the rest away. Wastage is probably 90%. A typical 6 foot plank probably makes a couple dozen spoons. And you can figure out from that.

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