how many wood turtles left on earth



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    Unfortunately, an estimated number of the species left is unknown, but the Wood Turtle is on the Endangered Species list currently. Concentrated populations mostly reside in the upper northeastern states in the USA and parts of Canada, and are being actively studied and observed. Inability to find cool clear water is a constant problem for the species, and many are trying to establish and maintain habitats for the small creatures. Some experts also fear that global warming is playing a role in their devastation, as moving further north may not be a viable option for the species.

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    You can also take a look at this map of wood turtle distribution. It shows where and how many turtles have been observed within the range that heliosman mentioned.

    Other threats to the wood turtle include the pet trade and road mortality. As our road network and residential areas continue to encroach upon their habitat, the dwindling wood turtle population needs our consideration. Simple measures like roadside fences and underpasses will help create safer corridors between their habitat patches.

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