how many women/men went to the beach in Florida in 2011?

Approximate age demographic % (of total beach goers) that went to the beach?



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    Florida tourism has been setting records, lately. and 2011, with 86 million was the highest yet. About 35% of out-of-state tourists “visit” the beach, spending something like $39 billion dollars. The average age of a visitor is very roughly 42, and seems to have been rising lately.

    I didn’t readily find information about age distribution, which is unsurprising, given the way you cast the question. Florida cares mostly about how many and how much. There’s not going to be much difference between what a 25 and a 26 year old spends, or what they do. So, basically, no one much is going to care enough to collect statistics.

    Also another confusion behind your question is what this information would be used for. Originally, I just saw your question title, and realized that would be easy to answer, because many people would have invested a huge amount of time in it. But your breakdown of demographics suggests you have a quite specific purpose for asking which you didn’t articulate. 

    That makes a considerable difference, because then you need to define what “went to the beach” means. Do you mean, paid admission fees? Do you want to include multiple trips? Do you want to include natives and non-natives? If somebody is living or camping on the beach, does it count as one or multiple “visits”?

    You’ll need to have at least some answer to each of those questions. And the answer that will be “ok” for you, will depend on what use you plan to make of it.

    You probably can figure out a loose answer for yourself, by looking at a crowded Florida beach figure, and estimating the age of each person, say, within a 1 or 2 inch square.

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