How many whales a year do the Japanese kill?



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    An answer to this question may be found here.  To sum it up, about 1500 are killed each year collectively by Japan, Norway, and Iceland.  Total, Japan has killed 8,000 in 25 years.

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    The number varies, but is as high as 900-1000 annually.  In April 2010, the Japanese whaling fleet had caught only about half of the 935 whales it had hoped to catch during the 09-10 whaling research season, as a result of obstruction by Sea Shepherd protest operations.  They ended up harvesting 506 southern minke whales and one fin whale. 

    Norway has hunted whales for over a thousand years and continues to commercially hunt whales as a part of their cultural practices, the numbers are between 200-600 annually, which they hold to be a sustainable number and argue that factory farming operations are much more harmful than whaling.  Iceland also commercially hunts whales and their annual quota is currently 30 minke whales and nine fin whales. 

    Japan’s whale-eating culture is what one environmental studies professor called an invented tradition, as it only lasted 20 years form the end of WWII to the early 1960’s to augment Japanese school lunch programs during Japan’s reconstruction.

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