How many volcanoes have erupted this year?



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    About 6 different volcanoes have erupted this year, several more have had earthquakes.

    There have been eruptions (of varying scales) at: Mt Etna Volcano, Italy; Kirishima Volcano, Japan; Bromo Volcano, Indonesia; Krakatau Volcano, Indonesia; Kizimen Volcano, Kamchatka; Merapi Volcano, Indonesia.

    There have been several events on Mt. Etna over the last few weeks.

    There has also been seismic activity on Mt St Helens and four volcano’s in Columbia.

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    64 volcanoes were active during 2010, though some have had multiple eruptions, or multiple spurts as part of one, longer period of activity. These volcanoes are named in the link below.

    The second link shows volcanic activity for Jan-Mar 2011, but I’m not sure how complete it is. It looks like 11 volcanoes erupted with 16 recordings of significant activity between them.

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    Kilauea erupted more or less continuously in 2010, as it has done since 1983.

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