How many volcanic eruptions have their been?



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    Your question should read, “How many volcanic eruptions have there been?”

    To answer your question, it is impossible to speculate how many eruptions there have been over the history of Earth. Now if you were to narrow your time frame down to say how many eruptions were there last year on Earth, the question might be able to be answered. But given the long history of Earth, and the huge amount of time we have not been here, any answer would be pure speculation and based on evidence from today’s conditions. Also you have to know that there are countless volcanoes below the water which we do not observe on a daily basis which further makes this question unfeasible to answer. I am sorry I cannot give you an exact number, but over the course of the Earth there have probably been millions and millions of eruptions (conservatively). We are talking over 4.5 billion years. So think about it.

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