How many vehicles is the USPS fleet?



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    The United States Postal Service states in their Postal Facts of 2010 that they possess 218,684 vehicles.  This is considered the largest non-military fleet of vehicles in the world.  Currently 44,000 of them are clean enegy vehicles.

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    There are an estimated 219,000 vehicles is the USPS fleet traveling about 1.2 billion miles each year, making it the largest civilian fleet in the country. The fleet consumed 121 million gallons of fuel in 2008 and spent approximately $1.3 billion on that fuel. Even a 1 cent rise in gas prices can cost the USPS $8 million. Because of this as well as environmental concerns, the USPS is hoping to step up its fuel efficiency. A new bill proposed by a NY Congressman is hoping to change the vehicular practice of the USPS by having them begin using 20,000 electric vehicles. 

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