How many vegetables should I eat a day?



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    There are new guidelines from the Center For Disease Control as to how many fruits and vegetables should be consumed in a day.  Some of it depends on individual information, though.  So, you can go to this Web site to see if you are doing what is best for your body or if you need to make some changes:

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    Depending on your age, gender, and physical activity level, you should be eating about 3-5 servings of vegetables per day. Here are some examples of what is considered a “serving:”

    1/2 cup chopped vegetables
    1 cup raw leafy vegetables (a small salad)
    6-8 carrot sticks (3″ long)
    1 medium potato
    1/2 cup cooked or canned dry beans or peas
    3/4 cup vegetable juice

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    Being that I stopped eating meat for 3 months (yay for me!) I’d say eat veggies all day every day! Even blend vegetables to make yummy drinks if you can. Veggie smoothies yum yum! Smoothies are filling and also very healthy.

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