How many vegans are there in the US?



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    In 2009, about .5% of the US population was vegan. In the second article, published in March of 2012, the stats put the number at around 2.5% (around 8 million people) are vegans. While it is hard to get these numbers exactly, the number of vegans and vegetarians is growing. There are many factors going into the decision to become a vegetarian/vegan, two of the main ones being the environmental ramifications of meat-eating and the ethical debate over eating meat.

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    Depending on what study you gather your information from, the percentage of the US population that is vegan has varied from .5% to 1.3% (based on information collected in 2009).  In recent years, the number of vegans in America has been growing, due to a higher level of general exposure to vegetarian and vegan lifestyles as well as growing concern for the environmental hazards associated with the meat industry, including deforestation to make room for farmland and the high levels of greenhouse gases emitted by meat factories and packing plants.

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