How many types of oak trees are there?



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    There exist about 200 species of Oak, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. The United States is home to about 50 species of Oak. Oak has many uses in the United States and is considered the country’s most important hardwood lumber. Principal uses are for charcoal, barrels, building construction, flooring, railroad ties, mine timbers, boxes, crates, vehicle parts, ships, agricultural implements, caskets, woodenware, fence posts, piling, and veneer. Oak is also used for pulp and paper products.

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    Species of oaks can survive in different types of environments. The swamp white oak, swamp chestnut oak, and pin oak prefer the wetlands, while the post oak, chestnut oak, blackjack oak, southern red oak, and scarlet oak typically live on dry slopes or ridges. The overcup oak, bur oak, water oak, willow oak, and Shumard’s oak thrive near stream banks. Some types of oak trees, like the black oak, northern red oak, and white oak are able to survive in a variety of habitats.

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