How many types of meat are in hot dogs?



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    Hot dogs are considered a cooked sausage by the USDA and contain mainly beef or pork meat and sometimes poultry meat (chicken or turkey,) as well.

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    There are 4 kinds of meat used in hot dogs: pork, chicken, beef, and turkey, but what part of the animal used varies.  If a hotdog’s ingredients label includes “variety meats,” that means organs like the liver, heart, or kidneys of the animal are included, and “meat by-products” or “mechanically-separated meats” means that tendons and fat are included.  You’re safest buying hotdogs labeled “all beef” or “all turkey” and checking the label to make sure none of the meat has been overly processed.  Check the links for more info!

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    Most hot dogs contain pork and beef. Chicken and turkey are also popular, due to their lower cost.

    If any other “variety” meats are put into a hot dog, then by US law it can not be sold as a hot dog– its name must be changed to “links”.

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