How many tuna are said to be left in the ocean?



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    There are many different species of Tuna. One of the more overfished species has been the Bluefin Tuna. While we don’t have an accurate estimate of this Tuna species, we have some knowledge of their landing statistics (total catch). Catch for 2006 was 718 metric tons, 2006 was 472 metric tons, and 2007 was 758 metric tons. Tuna spawn in massive numbers and many species are not in danger of total exhaustion. The Bluefin Spawning Stock Biomass has declined from 1970-1992 and has since fluctuated between 18-27% of the level it was at in 1975. There is an excellent website for determining how sustainable certain species are:

    Here you can determine which ones are fished sustainably and make informed decisions on purchases. Simply use their search for the marine creature you want to learn about.

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