How many tuna are left in the ocean?



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    In a 2009 report, the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation looked at this exact question and could not come up with a specific number. I’ve put a link to the ISSF report below this answer so in case you would like to browse it yourself. It is true that some species of tuna, such as bluefin tuna, have been severely overfished, while other stocks are managed more or less sustainably. While tuna do mature rapidly and can bounce back from overfishing, part of the problem is that they are highly migratory, meaning that effective efforts to conserve them must be made at the international level in order to make any difference. Fortunately there are efforts afoot to do this, with organizations such as the Western Central Pacific Ocean Fisheries Commission and the International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tunas working on the problem. The major international agencies working on tuna conservation held a summit in Japan in 2007 which resulted in an action plan among 60 countries to help manage tuna populations responsibly.

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