How many trees does it take to get rid of a ton of carbon?



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    Obviously it depends on the size of the tree, its species, weather and elevation conditions, and other things. The linked page says a mature tree can absorb (it does not “get rid of”) 48 pounds of carbon dioxide (not carbon) in a year.

    There are 2000 pounds in a ton. (Or about 2200 if you mean metric tons.)

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    Rigibson is correct, a tree is app. 1/2 sequestered carbon. The average full grown tree weighs about 4 tons so there is about two tons of carbon sequestered. But you may want to know how many full grown trees does it take to sequester 1 ton of carbon a year. On average a 4 ton tree is 20 years old so it averaged 200 pounds of carbon sequestered per year so you will need 10 trees. And don’t burn them or allow them to rot or all of that carbon goes back into the atmosphere.

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