How many trees did you personally plant in the ground last year, and if any, how many are still alive today, and how much have they grown?



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    We personally planted additional apple and lemons trees, as well as a couple of junipers for shade as well.  All have grown quite well and none died – we covered the fruit trees during this past winter when the temperatures were so low and we will again when we have freezing temps at night.  The junipers have grown a couple of feet.  The apple trees grew about a foot, then were dormant during winter.

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    We have several mature trees on our property but planted a Chinese pistachio tree and a Japanese maple last year. Both trees are very much alive. They have both grown about 3 inches in height.

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    I traveled to Ecuador last year and worked with a team of about ten people to reforest a hill that had been ravaged by invasive grasses. We worked to clear the grasses and their roots; dig holes; and plant aliso trees, plantains and wild sunflowers. We also threw seed bombs filled with I believe 12 different species of native cloud forest plants. Collectively, we must have planted about 500 trees. Unfortunately, since I havn’t been back to the country and since I don’t have contact with the reserve, I’m not sure how this reforestation effort has developed.

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