How many trees can an e-reader save in its lifetime?



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    Good question, Bryce.  This is pretty difficult to say an exact number, because it depends on several variables.  For one, it depends what type of reading you do on your e-reader, like what types of paper you would have been reading on, because different papers take different amounts of wood.  Also, it depends on how much you read.  I found some pretty interesting paper/tree statistics at, one of which is that one average tree makes a little more than 8,000 sheets of paper.  So, I am guessing someone would read somewhere between 1-2 trees worth on their e-reader in its lifetime, but again, this is pure speculation and it is hard to say for sure.  What I think we can say for sure, is that all of the e-readers combined make quite the difference!

    Hope this helps!

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    depends where you get your electricty, for example if your currently running on coal (indirectly) it’s probably in the negatives.

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