How many trees can an acre of forest support?



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    It depends on how dense do you want the forest to be. The biggest density of 1ft x 1ft would allow around 43000 trees, while 20ft x 20ft only around 110. 

    5ft x 5ft – 1750

    10ft x 10 ft – 435

    15ft x 15ft – 195

    There link in the citation goes though every combination from 1 till 20 in form of a table. 

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    While the above calculations are mathematically accurate, something to consider is how well the trees will grow at the various spacing. There is only so much sunlight in the sky and nutrients in the soil, and the more trees planted in an acre, the more trees that are competing for these resources. So, while you could plant trees on a 1×1 grid, they would be competing with each other for essential nutrients, and likely not grow very well, or very fast, and would be quite susceptible to drought or disease.


    The appropriate spacing for trees also depends on what kind of trees are in the forest, and what you are want to manage the forest for (e.g wildlife, diversity, timber, etc).

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