how many trees are in an acre of forest?



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    This is ofter hard to determine as spacing in nature varies widely. In a planted scenario the count could range from 43,560 for a 1X1 spacing between trees to 303 for a 12X12 spacing between trees. Depending on the type of trees in the area and the climate the amount is somewhere between these two numbers.

    In thick brushy areas in the south the number will be close to the higher number. In the redwood forest where trees grow to be over 200ft tall the count is likely closer to the bottom number.

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    Approximate number of trees per acre is based upon the distance in feet between stems in a square gif rounded to the nearest whole tree. A spacing (feet) 1×1 = 43,560 trees in a acre. Spacing (feet) 30×30= 48 trees in a acre. 2×2=10,890 trees in a acre, a 35×35=36 trees in a are. 3×3=4,840 trees per acre and 40×40=27 trees per acres. Check out the link below to learn more about concepts and calculations on counting trees. 

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