How many tree species are used for making furniture in India? Please list them.



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    The most commonly used today are:   1. gum  2. poplar  3. pine and 4. ash  with fir and pine being used for less visible parts.    Since furniture makers want to keep costs down, most furniture is actually made with a mixture of these woods.  These aren’t necessarily the best woods for furniture making, because there are other woods that are much more durable and prettier.  However the woods listed above are more abundant today and thus cheaper.  Woods that are considered high quality, desirable, and are commonly found in American furniture made before 1900 include:

    1. mahogany   2. oak.  3.  walnut   4. cherry  5. rosewood    

    Additional woods that are considered precious and are only found in more expensive furniture are:   teak, birch, beech, maple, and satinwood

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