How many tons of aluminum oxide can the Government spray over our cities before it starts to kill our children?

Chemtrails and the prosecution of the Bilderberg group.



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    As far as theories about chemtrails and government projects to project aluminum dioxide into the atmosphere, as of yet we cannot prove them. Further, little is known about how aluminum dust can harm people or how they effect people if sprayed high in the sky. Some believe that the dust is already falling on cities and causing irritation to its inhabitants, assuming as they do that the strange cloud formations in the sky are an indication of harmful chemicals being emitted by planes at high altitudes. Indeed, the so-called “chemtrails” in the sky appear a mystery to many. The documentary “What In The World Are They Spraying?” explores theories about this phenomenon and suggests that government money is being spent on such projects as an effort to reduce global warming.

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      I’ve seen it and I appreciate the answer. However, as an x infantry soldier and the fact that I grew up next to Eglin AFB I’ve seen about everything that flies and am quite familiar with contrails and the crystallization that occurs at altitudes commonly used by commercial and military aircraft. Also, I’m sure you know that chemtrailing has been publicly acknowledged but they state that the effects of the project on humans, wildlife, and ecosystems have not been examined or at least not thoroughly. I believe this to be a complete and total lie. If you notice in the video that when officials that are in a position to be in the know act as if they fear the subject and steer clear of it entirely. They will tell the people they are justified in their actions with claims of necessity due to global warming and then act as if they were doing us a great service and while we’re jumping from one foot to the next trying to sort through all the bullshit it’s already to late. Aluminum micro particles at the ultra high levels are severely damaging in my opinion to our health and while I am no rocket scientist and have no viable proof, I am positive this is being done to assist and aid groups that are for a New World Order such as the Bilderberg Group, the C.F.R., and the Trilateral Commission in their quest for depopulation and world dominance.

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      And Merry Christmas lol!

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      I definitely understand your concerns and I think it is smart as a citizen to question the intentions of the government. But I will say I am skeptical about whether these programs are intended to harm us. Indeed, the lack of foresight and care when emitting these chemicals is unacceptable and should be concerning environmental watchdogs. Many groups are forming their own investigations into the real intentions and effects of cloud seeding or other experiments.
      I think it is more likely that projects are being done without concern for citizen health due to negligence, rather than sinister motives.
      The best thing that people like you and I can do is to continue expressing our concerns through the internet and other media. It is only through silence that absurd projects go unnoticed. But it is our atmosphere too, and we deserve to know what is happening!

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