How many tires get recycled every year?



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    According to The Biocycle Guide To Maximum Recycling, there are 242 million tires discarded each year. 7 Percent of these are recycled into mats, playground equipment, mud flaps, mulch, etc. 11 percent are burned for fuel and a small percentage, around 5) are exported. All the rest are dumped in landfills.

    Perhaps there needs to be more of an incentive to recycle these tires, especially to automotove comapnies.

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    I got different results everywhere I looked. Liberty Tire Recycling hail themselves as “the top tire recycler in the United States” and reports to recycle 110 million tires a year, “33% of the nation’s discarded tires.” But Green USA Recycling reports that of the 290 million scrap tires created per year:

    130 million (44.7%) are used as fuel
    56 million (19.4%) are recycled or used in civil engineering projects
    18 million (7.8%) are converted into ground rubber and recycled into products
    12 million (4.3%) are converted into ground rubber and used in rubber-modified asphalt
    9 million (3.1%) are exported*
    6.5 million (2.0 %) are recycled into cut/stamped/punched products
    3 million (1.7%) are used in agricultural and miscellaneous uses

    So, some, but there could be more?  Hmm…

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