How many times a day does a heart beat?



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    The average daily heart beat count depends on variablesas a persons age and activity level. 90,000 beats per day is one average.

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    I see the range of normal heartbeats is 60 to 80 per minute. And so I wanted to find out the range of highest to lowest (and I wonder what other creatures can do– like a hummingbird at wing flapping of heartbeats): 60 beats per minute x 60 minutes per hour x 24 hours per day = 86,400 heartbeats / day

    Multiply that by 1.3333 and you get the range for the high end ( 80 / 60 = 1.3333 / 1   a little trick someone taught me — learn your proportions: it pays off 😉    it ends up being 115,200 heartbeats per day. And that is normal average — the actual range probably goes from between 75,000 and 120some thou)… depending on the individual (activity level, no. of heartbeat in a day could vary for an individual depending upon how much physical activity was performed, the more exercise, the harder the heart has to work, and you can increase your heart rate / blood flow by exercising / controlling breathing). 


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