How many tigers are there in captivity for the US alone?



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    According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) press release in 2008 there are more than 5000 tigers in captivity in the US alone.  The number is likely hard to estimate due to the fact that there are several small tiger refuges that tigers live in, and some may have illegal tigers as pets.  Sadly, this number is higher than what is estimated to be living in the wild.

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    The Association of Zoos and Aquariums estimate that up to 12,000 tigers are being kept as private pets in the USA, which is alot more than the world’s entire wild population. 4,000 of those tigers are believed to be held in captivity in Texas alone. American legislation has allowed for such high numbers of tigers being breed because only 19 states have banned private ownership of tigers, 15 only require a license, and 16 states have no regulations at all. 

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