How many tigers are left in the wild? Are they endangered?



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    It is difficult to get complete and accurate numbers, due to many factors, the Tiger’s scattered ranges, and the nature of the Tiger itself. Currently the estimated total is between 3,000 and 4,500 tigers living in the wild.

    The subspecies totals are:
    Bengal Tiger: Less than 2,000
    Indochinese Tiger: 750-1,300
    South Chinese Tiger: Less than 20
    Siberian Tiger: Around 450
    Sumatran Tiger 400–500
    Malayan Tiger: Less than 500

    Given those numbers, it seems that all types of tigers face extinction.

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    A recent count shows that there are as few as 1,300 wild tigers left in India, and that number is decreasing. The Indian government is taking steps to stop the decline. Yes, tigers in India are endangered and face the threat of extinction.

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