How many thousands of dollars and years of work would it take an average non-gardening-expert to establish a few edible fruit and nut trees in their yard?



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    Some fruit trees are easy– if you live in the right climate. I live about 50 miles SE of Lake Michigan. I planted a couple dwarf cherry trees, and had enough cherries from one tree to make a pie the third year after planting. 

    Nut trees take much, much longer. Regular sized fruit trees could take 5 to 10 years to bear fruit. Pollination and frost can be factors. 

    The initial cost depends on the size of the tree. Mail order will get you a two-foot sapling for around $5 to $10. Or you can get a 5-7 foot tree from a local nursery from $50 to $100. 

    While it’s young, you’ll have to pay attention to regular watering, fertilizing & minor pruning once or twice a year.

    Do it IF you enjoy it– or if your family enjoys it, and make sure that what you plant is appropriate for your climate.

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