How many sustainable buildings do we have in America?



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    To my knowledge (and past 10 minutes of research), there are no figures on the exact number of buildings that are sustainable. Perhaps someone should work on beginning a Green Census to figure out things of this nature — as well as other important things, like how many people are recycling, carpooling to work or taking alternative transportation!

    All I could find was this here (1st link):

    Sustainable % By Square Feet = 2.20% (Other Building Threshold), 1.34% (all buildings) 

    Percentage of Building inventory meeting 

    Guiding Principles Sustainable % By Number of Buildings = 0.41% (Other Building Threshold), 0.20% (all buildings) 

    Before I was thinking maybe 1 in 100 buildings in America was green/ sustainable!?  If it is actually .20 % as this data chart shows, that could be 1 out of every 500 buildings in America. Not sure exactly how many buildings there are?  Researched it and found a bogus result of 1 trillion… I’d say there is way less than that — .20 of a billion buildings would be 2 million buildings, which might be somewhat accurate??? 

    I’d say that there are more than half a million green buildings, but probably less than 10 million (at this point…. who knows where we will be in 10 or 15 years —- hopefully one in 10 buildings will have been retrofitted or redesigned so it is truly green and sustainable by then…. because the figures on how bad buildings are for the environment are scary — stupid buildings… or is it operator error?)

    See 2nd link 

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