How many stages of gangrene are there?



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    I’m going to assume you meant to say gangrene (don’t worry, it’s easy to make this kind of spelling error, especially with a word you don’t often use in writing), which is a condition in which a large mass of body tissue dies after being cut off from its supply of blood.  There are several types of gangrene, with dry gangrene being the most common.  

    The first symptoms of dry gangrene often include a red line on the skin surrounding the affected tissue and skin discoloration.  As the affected tissue begins to fail, the area may start to become cold or numb as it loses blood and oxygen.  When tissue death finally occurs, the area may be painful, although some patients do not experience any pain at all.  By this point, the affected tissue will undergo further discoloration, turning from red to brown to black.  Eventually the dead tissue will shrivel and fall off of the body, having been deprived of valuable oxygen and nutrients.  

    Wet gangrene refers to gangrene accompanied by a bacterial infection in the dying tissue.  This type of gangrene can cause swelling in the tissue prior to tissue death, along with pus and a foul odor.

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