How many species of wild dog are there?



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    There are 33 animals in the canidae family, 13 of which are foxes, and 20 of which are actual wild dog species.

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    The number of species in the Canidae family is estimated to be 30-35, which includes domesticated dogs. It depends on what you consider a “wild dog,” but technically wolves, foxes, coyotes, dingoes and jackals are all Canids, or dogs, that are not domesticated. Specifically, the Canids most commonly labeled “wild dogs” are the Dhole, the Maned Wolf, the Bush Dog, the Dingo, the Raccoon Dog, the Small-eared Dog, and the African Wild Dog.

    Also consider that some dogs living in the wiild are actually “feral,” which means they were previously domesticated, but have reacclamated to living “wild.”

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