How many species of whales can you see off the coast of California when going on a whale watching tour?



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    The most commonly seen is grey whales, usually during the months from December to May. Its grey whale season right now in California! Humpback and blue whales may also be seen but usually from June to December and less commonly. You may also see minke whales, fin whales, and sometimes orcas. In my own boating experiences off the coast of Santa Barbara and Newport, I have seen multiple grey whales, porpoises, and plenty of seals. Happy whale watching!

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    The variety of species of whale you can see off the coast of California depends on the season. 

    From December through April, you can see gray whales. 

    From June through October, you can witness blue whales. 

    From June through early December, you can also see humpback whales.

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