How many species of spider are dangerous in the United States?



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    With more than 3,000 types of spiders in North America, that leaves a lot of room for some to be classified as dangerous. Many can cause harm if a person is bitten, but only few are deadly. Approximately 60 species have been identified as causing bites that lead to medical issues. 

    The most venomous to watch out for are the Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and Yellow or Common Sac. Bites from these spiders occur rarely, but can result in asphyxia, swelling, spasms, and burning.

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    The CDC warns against three venemous spiders in the U.S that might seriously harm humans to the point where they need to seek professional medical care.  1. the black widow, found throughout the U.S.  2.   the Brown Recluse, which is mostly in the Midwest and South  and 3. the Hobo Spider of the Pacific Northwest.   While the Hobo Spider doesn’t always inject venom into its bites, when it does the victim might experience vomitting and at worst, necrosis.   The recluse and widow bites can result in death within hours to days, though the majority of cases are able to receive treatment and survive.   

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