How many species of sharks are dangerous to man?



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    Most shark species are too small or too passive to be dangerous to humans. There are a few species that are known to attack humans.

    The Great White Shark
    Tiger Shark
    Oceanic Whitetips
    Bull Sharks
    Hammerhead Sharks

    Most of these sharks rarely come close enough to shore to encounter people but have been known to attack people that have fallen overboard or are shipwrecked.

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    Obviously any shark can be dangerous to man, but the most dangerous sharks are the bull, lemon, nurse and tiger sharks. This is because these sharks often inhabit shallow, swim able waters throughout the coasts, putting people right in harms way. Bull sharks are especially dangerous becuase they can migrate from salt to fresh water, meaning they can travel up rivers and streams to inland lakes and ponds. In fact, the story for Jaws was inspired by a Bull shark that swam up the Matawan River in New Jersey in 1916.

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