How many species of rabbits are there in America?



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    North America is home to 15 species of rabbits. The most common species is the eastern cottontail which is indiginous to the southeastern united states, but is seen as far south as Mexico. The cottontail, named for it’s fluffly white tail, also has relative species like the mountain cottontail common in the mountain region of estern north america, the desert cottontail found in the southwest, and the brush rabbit native to California and Oregon. There are also swamp and marsh rabbits found in the wet habitats of the southeast. In addition, Snowshoe and artic rabbits are found in the Nothern United States through Canada. Lastly, the jackrabbit has two varieties; the  white-tail jackrabbit which is found in the semi-deserts and dry prairies of the central US and the black-tail jack rabbit through the southwest.

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