How many species of octopi are there?



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    There are over 300 recognized species of octopus, all varying in size, shape and look. They all share the same general characteristics, such as: 2 eyes, 8 tenticle-like arms, and an overall soft body that contains no bones or exoskeleton. The different species have different means of feeding and defense, depending on their location in the ocean. Generally an octopus will crawl and swim for bottom-dwelling creatures like crabs for food, and will hide or evade predators using their ink glands. They now have become associated with anything that has 8 of anything, limbs or otherwise.

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    Octopi are a part of the cephalopod class. An octopus has eight mobile arms attached to its body. Octopuses can be found in every ocean in the world and they tend to dwell in shallow water and prefer the ocean floor. Octopuses are studied by scientists and are believed to be the most intelligent invertebrates. In controlled environments, these creatures show a large capacity for learning, logic, and reasoning.

    What’s interesting is that octopi have beaks hidden within its body. Octopuses also have three hearts. An octopus has a  relatively short life span. Males tend to die soon after mating and females die after hatching their eggs because females do not eat while watching after the eggs.

    Today, there are 289 known species of octopuses. None of the octopuses has shells. The largest octopus are the giant Pacific octopus which can grow up to 9 meters.  The smallest octopuses is the California Lilliput octopus which is about 2 cm, the size of the bottle cap.

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