How many species of lupine are there?



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    There is no genus called “lupine” as far as I know.  If you mean wolves (lupine is a latin word meaning wolf) they are a member of the Canis genus of which there are about 10 species.  If you mean lupin flowers, they belong to the genus lupinus, of which there are six hundred species, the most  notable of them being the quaker bluebonnet.

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    If you mean lupine as in wolves, there is only one species of wolf recognized. All variations between wolves are considered subspecies.

    If you mean lupine as in the flowering plant, there are between 200 and 600 different species of lupine plant.

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    There are between 200 and 600 species of lupines.  The majority of these species exist in South America, Western North America, the Mediterranean including Northern Africa.

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